• We foster communication among congregations with a German component, in particular through the biennial assemblies.
  • We use our monthly periodical Kirchliches Monatsblatt ("Church Monthly") and other ways of communication to reach out and care for people in the German language.
  • We network throughout North America and across the Atlantic, wherever the need for German speaking ministry can be identified.
  • We maintain our own website:
  • We support and encourage ecumenical contacts and cooperation.


  • As recognized Special Interest Conference in the largest Lutheran Church bodies in the USA and Canada (ELCA and ELCIC), we represent the concerns of those who desire or offer worship and pastoral care in German.
  • We also advocate our members' concerns in relation to the churches in Germany (regional churches, EKD).


  • We support individuals, worship groups and congregations in setting up and maintaining a mission ministry in German (recently in Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Charlotte, NC).
  • Our service includes a clearinghouse of resources and ideas, experienced contact persons within the DELKINA, as well as information on the internet (
  • We assist North American congregations in their dealings with the national church bodies on both sides of the Atlantic (ELCA, ELCIC, EKD).
  • We assist congregations in the search for German-speaking pastors and other personnel. Our special relationship to the protestant church bodies in Germany enables us to promote the exchange of communication and human resources with their North American partners.